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Datsun Go 30 000 KM Service in 2019 – What Would That Cost You ?+

If you are looking for a good indication on how much a 30 000km service on your...

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The Best 4×4 Rentals in Johannesburg+

Book your next 4x4 bakkie rental with Pace Car Rental Johannesburg today. Call 011 262 5500 for...

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The Half Ton Nissan NP200 Bakkie Rental+

As faithful as your little car may be, certain occasions call for the use of a bakkie....

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Jeep Wrangler Rental Johannesburg+

With its outstanding off- road performance, Pace Car Rental brings you an awesome addition to 4×4 SUV...

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The All New Kia Sportage 2019 Rental SUV+

You’ll want to be very hands-on in the new KIA Sportage. Full of soft touch materials, high-end...

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Picking up a car from Pace Car Rental+

When picking up the car, there are a few checks that you need to do before you...

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Booking a car at Pace Car Rental in Johannesburg+

If you are looking for a small car to run around with in the city, or if...

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Transparency In Car Rental+

Reliability. Honesty. Transparency. The Pace Car Rental website makes it easy for you to get the necessary...

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Where To Service The Chevrolet Spark Now That GM Has Left SA?+

Are you the owner of a Chevrolet Spark in South Africa and wondering what will happen now...

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A South African Cash Car Rental Option For International Visitors+

Pace Car Rental not only provides cash car rental to South African citizens but we also are one...

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