How to save money on your next car rental

We are all feeling the pressures of inflation and the changing world economy, therefore, we try to save money however we can. It is with this in mind that we at Pace Car Rental have decided to share our tips on saving money on your next car hire.

  1. Do your homework and book your car rental well in advance – this will allow you to spot specials that car hire companies offer early.
  2. Make sure you know how many kilometres you will travel.  Most companies offer specials if you are going to do less than 100kms per day. This means that if you exceed this, the costs are high.  Make sure you don’t state 100kms per day and then do 200kms per day.
  3. Beware of extra fees.  All car rental companies charge a location surcharge where they add 11% onto the price if you rent at an airport.  So try to use down town branches if possible.
  4. Make sure you know the insurance excess before you get there.  Some offer “standard” waivers which is not a viable option for an individual.  Make sure you have super cover.
  5. Make sure of the extras that you require.  If you have a GPS of your own, it can save you money as the company will charge you extra for the use of their GPS.
  6. Find out if your car insurance will cover a rental car.  Some insurance packages will cover you when you rent a car, terminating the need to pay for insurance through the car hire company.
  7. Return the rental car with a full tank of petrol – this will prevent the vehicle rental company from charging you for the filling of the tank after you return the car.
  8. Make sure of how long you would need the rental car – there are different rates between renting a car for a few days and a monthly car rental. The first is charged on a more expensive daily rate and the latter is based on a monthly rate. At Pace Car Rental, we took this a step further to make our long term car rentals cheaper. When you rent a car monthly from us and you go through the 30 day period, we will charge you pro-rata for the extra days and not the daily car hire rate.

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