What does a 15,000km service for a Chev Utility Bakkie or a Chev Aveo Cost?

It is extremely important to ask for a quote for your service at a Chevy or GM dealer. The price of a service for a Chevy Ute or Aveo is the same for a 15,000 km service. Pace Car Rental have just added the half-ton Chevy Ute Bakkie to their rental fleet; one of the only car rental companies in Johannesburg to do so. The cost of the service is broken down as follows:

Labour 1 hour @ 565 per hour 575.00
1 x Oil Filter 52.75
Gasket drain plug 11.40
Castrol Oil 3.5litres @ R70/litre 245.00
Consumables 120.00
Excluding VAT 1,004.15
VAT 140.58
Total 1,144.73

If you have been quoted R1,700 for your 15,000 km service on your Chevy Ute Bakkie or Chevy Aveo, here are some tips to get the dealer to charge you what the correct amount.

  • Check the amount of hours being charged

It is common for Chevy dealers (particularly at the Fury in Sandton) to increase them. They will charge you for 1.3 hours of labour. To put it in perspective, where Chevy will charge for one hour, VW can do the same work in 30 minutes. Therefore charging for an hour is already an over charge but that is an argument no one will win.

  • Check if the dealership overcharges for the oil

A Chevy Ute takes only 3.5 litres of oil. The sump takes 3.25 and the oil filter takes .25. If they put in 4 litres, the dealership is overfilling; which is dangerous for your car as well. A dealership will use oil from a barrel so therefore, they must charge only what they use, excluding spillage.

If your quote does not match the above exactly, everything else on your invoice should be covered under a warrantee. At a 15,000 km service, nothing else is required. Now you have the peace of mind of someone who is not going to be taken advantage of when taking their car for a service. Pace Car Rental cares about consumer rights and bringing them the best and most affordable rates on hiring cars. Our next topic will be the proper cost of a 30,000 km service.

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