How much does a 75,000km service for a Chevy UTE Bakkie Cost?

If you are wondering what the price of a 75 000 service for a Chevy utility Bakkie costs the simple answer is no more than R2, 800 (correct at 2 December 2013).  The 75000 service is the cam belt service so it does cost more than usual, the GM dealers call it a “minor service with cam belt”.  Pace Car Rental have a fleet of half ton bakkies for rental, and we have never in all the years of dealing with Chevy had an honest quote from a GM dealer on a service. You will always have to fight to get the quote right.  So make sure you get a quote and then make sure that you compare it to the listed components below.  Please plus one our post if this info saves you money.  Major areas to check include oil and labour.

Labour 1, 7 hours @R580 per hour R 986.00
Timing R 508.50
Belt Tooth R 346.50
Oil filter R 53.00
Oil Seal R 11.59
Optional Antifreeze R 89.00
Consumables R 120.00
Oil 3, 5 litres only @ R90 R 315.00
VAT R 340.18
Total R2, 770.00

The places where the GM Dealers try to over-charge labour, they will tell you that it takes 2, 5 hours when the standard flat rate prescribed by GM South Africa is 1, 7 hours.  GM dealers buy oil by the 210 litre barrel, so they should charge you for only 3,5litres of oil.  Some will try to tell you that they are using 5 litre cans so they have to charge you 5 litres.  This is a complete lie! They will also try to load the consumables, the standard rate for consumables is R100.  Pace Car Rental are one of the only car rental companies in Johannesburg that stock half ton bakkies.  If you would like to rent a bakkie while your is in for a service please remember us, the good guys publishing info on service costs J


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