What to do when you crash a rental car

What to do when you crash a rental car  – There are few things in life that are as devastating as being involved in a car accident, but bumping a rental car can be even worse.  As a top car rental company in Johannesburg, we have decided to share some helpful information to help reduce your personal risk when renting a car in Johannesburg.

Be prepared

Before you even get behind the wheel of the rental car, make sure that you fully understand the insurance policy of the vehicle hire company.  Also speak to your own insurance company and find out what type of cover they provide you with already, as there is no need to pay for the insurance of the rental car twice.

When the worst happens

If the unfortunate event of an accident happens, then it is best to take photos of the accident scene.  This will come in handy as physical evidence for the rental company as well as to help proof your case with insurance.  Then speak with the other involved party and get his/her particulars on the license disk like the VIN number, car’s registration number, contact information as well as his ID Number or Driver’s License Number.  If there was any serious injuries or if the accident is severe, then it is best to contact the emergency services. The police will then come investigate the accident scene and take statements, while the injured gets rushed to the hospital.

Notify the rental company and report the accident

It is important to notify the car rental company as soon as possible to inform them of the car accident.  Be sure to report the accident within 24 hours to the nearest police station.  Then provide the insurance company with the details of the car accident as well as any supporting evidence like photographs as well as the case number from SAPD.

The insurance aftermath

Sorting out the insurance can be a lengthy stressful process, just make sure that you communicate effectively with the car rental company by informing them of progress made and where in the process the claim is.

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