How to compile an awesome roadtrip playlist

There are just some experiences in life that help you build some of the best memories with some of the best people. A roadtrip is one such thing. At least once in your life, you should get in a car with your best friends and go somewhere exciting. Haven’t got a car? Get a rental car. Splitting the cost with your friends will make it much cheaper as well. One thing that a roadtrip will never be complete without is a good playlist. A playlist can help make your trip that extra bit better. Follow these easy tips on how to put together the best playlist, which will serve you well when the road seems long and you all start to get a bit tired.

Something classic

Every good playlist has a classic track that everyone knows. Examples of this include Bohemian Rhapsody and Don’t Stop Me Now by Queen (actually, anything by Queen, really), Don’t Stop Believing by Journey and I’m Every Woman by Whitney Houston. These songs have a magical ability to give everyone in the car a ridiculous amount of energy – you’ll all be pumped and ready to go in no time at all.

Something current

A current chart-topper is always a good thing – there’s a reason it’s a number one hit single, after all. Think about when Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream or Lady Gaga’s Edge of Glory came out. Almost everyone, regardless of what their musical preferences were, loved those songs. And if they said they didn’t, they were lying.

A TV theme song

Everyone loves a television show theme song – there is nothing better. And we all know the words too. Getting people to sing along is a tell-tale sign that your playlist has been a success. Our suggestions include the Friends, Captain Planet, Phineas and Ferb and The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme songs. Take your pick.

A soundtrack

Everyone loves movies. Movie soundtracks are a great way of getting your roadtrip going. For example, Elephants Love Medley from Moulin Rouge, Bittersweet Symphony from Cruel Intentions and Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing from Armageddon, are classic examples of good roadtrip songs. Be sure to include them on your playlist.

Happy listening, and travel safely!