Hyundai H1 Minivan Review

Hyundai H1 Minivan Review – The Hyundai H1 Minibus is a high value for money alternative to the Mercedes Benz Vito and the VW Caravelle.  If you need to travel with groups of people often, the Hyundai H1 will not disappoint you.  With acres of space on the inside that can comfortably seat 8 people and their luggage.

Hyundai H1 Minivan Review

Hyundai H1 Minibus Exterior


This is a truly stylish minibus that will turn heads as you drive down the road, but more importantly you and your passengers will experience a superior driving performance that will get you there in comfort and style.

Hyundai H1 Minibus Interior


This is exactly the type of space that you require if you are planning a tour with a bunch of friends, or just have a big family that needs to be transported.  With 851 litres of luggage space, 9 perforated leather seats that are adjustable and flush fitted side windows for greater visibility,  you can be sure that whether it is taking your troop of kids to school every day, or a road trip with friends you are planning, the Hyundai H1 will get you there in comfort.

Hyundai H1 Minibus Specs

Displacement: 2,359cc CVVT

Power: 126kW @ 6000 RPM

Torque: 224Nm @ 4200 RPM

0-100km/h: 16.1 Seconds

Top Speed: 182 km/h

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Have you ever owned or driven a Hyundai H1 Minibus?  What was your driving experience like?  Please share your thoughts and comments below.