Tips for Safe Long Distance Driving

Tips for Safe Long Distance Driving – Long distance driving can be a dangerous experience if you do not take the right steps in order to ensure that you get to your end destination safely.  We often hear people brag about how a trip that was supposed to take 12 hours, took them 10 hours.  Speeding should be the last thing on your mind as you attempt the long trip from Johannesburg to Cape Town, rather drive at a safe speed and take regular rest stops.  Speeding will increase your chances of having a life threatening accident significantly.

Tips for Safe Long Distance Driving

Tell a friend or family member that you are traveling

This will ensure that somebody will start looking for you in case something goes wrong.  Tell the person where you are driving to and more or less what time you expect to get there.  Stop once every 2 hours at a safe place and give them an update on your progress.

Avoid using cruise control

Long distance driving can have a hypnotic and fatiguing effect, cruise control will just enhance this and increase your chances of falling asleep behind the steering wheel.

Eat lighter foods

You are going to sit for extended periods of time and heavy foods like double cheese burgers, pizzas and French fries might end up leaving you feeling tired.  Rather eat lighter foods like salads, soup and juice during the trip to help keep your head clear.

Stop and get rest in a safe place

It is important to note that driving at night can be much more dangerous, because you have much less visibility and most trucks travel at night.  If you are feeling tired it is better to pull over at a safe rest stop and get some sleep before going further on your journey.

Listen to upbeat music

Music have been proven to be able to alter our cognitive and emotional states.  It is important to listen to fast upbeat music that you like singing along with.  This will help to keep your mind alert to what is going on around you.

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