How to Save Petrol


How to Save Petrol – We are living in a time where the price of everything, especially petrol, goes up. Knowing how to drive your car more efficiently can help you save a lot of money monthly. As long term car rental specialists we have decided to share some tips on how to save petrol.

How to Save Petrol

Check your tyre pressure regularly

Driving with flat tyres is not only unsafe, but it also causes your car to be heavier on fuel. Cars driving on flat tyres are heavier on fuel because of the extra rolling resistance between the road and the tyre.

Service your car regularly

A car that is not well maintained will not perform the way it is supposed to. Engine wear and tear (that are maintained during a service) will increase your cars fuel consumption.

Minimise extra drag

Extras on the outside of the car like tool boxes, roof racks, ladders and bicycle racks change the aerodynamics of your car by giving it extra drag. The extra drag causes the engine to work harder, thus making your car heavier on fuel.

Turn off your car’s air conditioner

The air conditioner of your car is powered by a compressor that draws its energy from the car’s engine. This causes your engine to work harder – making your car heavier on fuel.

Avoid Stop/Start driving as much as possible

When you accelerate your car its engine works harder and every time you brake, this energy is lost in the form of heat. Just by easing your foot of the accelerator and slowing down at a lower rate, will improve the fuel economy of your car.

Avoid excessive idling as much as possible

When you idle your car, it still burns fuel. Simply switching your engine off when you are idling for extensive periods of time will stop it from using unnecessary fuel completely.
Do you know of any other ways to save money on petrol? Please leave your thoughts and comments below.