Cost of a 60,000 Service for a Hyundai i10

Cost of a 60,000 Service for a Hyundai i10 – If you are looking for the price of a 60,000 service for a Hyundai i10, you’re in the right spot.

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How to reduce the price of the servicing of your vehicle

An invoice for a 60,000 service for a Hyundai I 10 should look something like this.  The key to saving is to ask for a quote upfront.

Plus assy (Spark Plugs) 4 @ 44.87 179.48
Plug oil 30.00
Sump Washer 6.00
Filter assy (Oil filter) 67.30
Pollen Filter (only if yours is dirty) 209.22
Fuel filter 320.00
Brake fluid 52.91
Clearview (should be part of consumables) 15.00
Consumables/Sundries 100.00
Oil 3litres @68 per litre 204.00
Labour 2.3 hours @ 550 per hour 1265.00
Total Price ex VAT 2448.91
VAT 342.84
Total Price Including VAT 2791.75

One of the most contentious issues with Hyundai is the oil capacity of a Hyundai i10.  Below is an extract from the manual of a Hyundai i10.  It clearly shows that there are only 3 litres of oil in a Hyundai i10.  The oil comes from a barrel so don’t fall for the “it comes in a 5 litre container” story.

There are some car dealers who have a habit of rounding up the labour to 2.5 hours when the correct amount is 2.3 hours. According to the servicing rules, the pollen filter only needs to be changed when it is dirty. Therefore always ask whether the filter is in fact dirty before allowing it to be changed. If the filter becomes blocked, your fan can take strain and will be damaged.

We hope these tips better service you when you are on the road and save you money and time. Always remember to drive safe and call Pace Car Rental if ever you need a car rental.

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