Tips for Better Johannesburg Driving

Tips for Better Johannesburg Driving

Tips for Better Johannesburg Driving – Johannesburg is home to some of the toughest driving conditions in South Africa. Even though the roads are in a good driving condition, they are heavily congested meaning you can expect to sit in traffic for hours daily if you do not plan your trips properly.

As long-term car rental specialists in Johannesburg, we know the roads of the  city well and are happy to share our tips for better city driving in order to help reduce the frustration associated with being stuck in traffic and being late as a result.

Tips for Better Johannesburg Driving

Tip 1: avoid driving in peak hour traffic as far as possible

If you have an appointment at 8 in the morning, it is best to get yourself on the highway before 6am in order to skip the biggest part of the morning rush hour traffic.  By 6:30am traffic will be heavily congested and you can expect delays that can possibly cause you to be late.

Tip 2: Have a GPS ready

If you are unfamiliar with the roads in Johannesburg, you can save yourself plenty of time and frustration by adding a GPS to your car rental in Johannesburg.  A GPS will help ensure that you take the right turnoffs while driving or show you an alternative route, should you find that construction has inconvenienced you.

Tip 3: Be aware and minimise your chances of being a victim of crime

Like most metropolitan areas around the world, crime is a big consideration in Johannesburg.  There are some key steps that you can take in order to reduce your risk of being a victim of crime.  For instance, always maintain a safe following distance – this will allow you to get out of a sticky situation in an attempted high jacking and reduce your chances of smashing into the car in front of you.  Another important point is to always park the car in busy, well-lit parking areas in order to reduce the risk of the car being broken into.  Ensure that you never leave any valuables in plain sight as it might tempt criminals to break into your car, rather keep valuables in the boot or take them with you.

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