How Much Does a 30,000 service for a Chev Spark Cost?

How Much Does a 30,000 service for a Chev Spark Cost? Answer R2560.00. Pace Car Rental is a Car Rental Business focussed on long term car rental, we a large fleet of Chev Sparks and provide this information as a public service, please +1 this post of you find it useful.

How Much Does a 30,000 service for a Chev Spark Cost?

The most important step to saving money with Chev is asking for a quote, the 30 000 km service is a spark plg service so it is more expensive than a plain minor service. The Price of servicing a Chev Spark is not as cheap as the car, it similar to any of the large more prestigious brands. The 30,000km service pricing should look as follows:

Labour 2 hours @ R600 per hour 1200.00
Oil Filter 80.00
Gasket Screw 12.50
Element ASM Air cleaner 137.04
Spark Plug 4@ R73.39 eac 346.47
Consumables 130.00
Oil 3,5litres @ R98.99 per litre 346.47
Total Price ex VAT 2252.48
VAT 315.35
Total Price Including VAT 2567.82

Optional Pollen Filter if Dirty R 700.00

Total if Pollen Filter Changed R3,267.82

The most common way to save is to check that the oil litres are correct, they will always try to over-charge you by a litre of a litre and a half. They have automatic dispensers so no rounding is required. The next thing is to check the parts pricing, it’s pretty easy to call the parts department and check that they are giving you the correct parts pricing. They will ask for the vin number so stand by your license disc when calling.

On the above service we were originally quoted R3,616 and by using these simple concepts we managed to get the price down to R2,567. The major issues is that GM Dealers have different prices for over the counter spares and workshop spares so the clients buying for service pay more than the over the counter people. The other aspect is that the pollen filter only needs to be replaced when it is dirty, but they never let you know if it is dirty, they just change it.

You can change your own pollen filter Chev use the Delphi filters, which you can get for about half the price from any spares dealer midas etc.

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