Price of a 90 000 Service on a Hyundai i10

Price of a 90 000 Service on a Hyundai i10

The 90,000km service on a Hyundai i10 almost cost more than the car itself.  This is the cambelt service and spark plug service in one and your initial quote will be around R6000.  Pace Car Rental specialise in monthly car rental and have i10’s on fleet we publish this info for free to assist the public to get the right prices on services, please +1 this post if it helps you.

Just remember that brakes washer liquid fluid ect which are all extras can be purchased at your local speedy at half the price, and they use the exact same brands etc.

The correct pricing of a 90000 service for a a Hyundai i10 should look like this:

Labour 3 hours at R600 1800.00
4 Spark plugs @ R45 180.00
Oil plug and washer 51.00
Belt Valve 351.95
Tensioner Assembly 528.46
V Ribbed Belt 142.66
Oil Filter 81.00
Pollen Filter 213.87
Air filter 275.94
V Belt 150.09
Oil 3.2litres @ 80.00/litre 256.00
Sundries 100.00
Total Price ex VAT 4130.97
VAT 578.34
Total Price Including VAT 4709.31

Hyundai have a clever strategy in that they have extended their warrantee to 150,000kms.  The point of this is that you now have to have you services done with them until 150,000 or your warrantee is void.  Most manufacturers charge only R11 for the sump plug and washer, but Hyundai charge R51.  They make up the cost of the warrantee in the services.  As per usual, you will need to kee a track on the oil volume and then make sure that the parts prices are correct, there is often an issue with the prices on parts at Hyundai, especially the spark plugs.

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