What to do when you are running late with returning your rental car

returning you rental vehicle

What to do when you are running late with returning your rental car – Johannesburg is a top travel destination for both business and pleasure.  We all know how stressful being in a new environment with a rental car can be and that there is sometimes things can happen to cause you to be late with returning your rental car.

The first thing you should do when you realise you are going to run late with returning the rental car is to contact the car rental company as there might be steep fees involved with returning the rental car late.  The rental company might have another booking for the car you are driving on your return date, meaning that your late return can have a serious knock-on effect on the availability of their cars.

One of the best ways to prevent any unexpected costs to your car rental is to plan your trip well with necessary contingency plans should things not go according to plan.  Before you get in the rental vehicle, ask the agent what their policy is on late returns and always remember that it is better to return the rental car on-time and then enter a new rental agreement.  If you are going to need the car for longer periods of time (Longer than a month) – ask us about our long term car rental deals.

It is also a good idea to have a clear idea of your required daily travel requirements, because exceeding your daily travel limit will also lead to added costs to your car rental.

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