Why Rent a Chevrolet Corsa Utility Bakkie

Rent a Chevrolet Corsa Utility Bakkie

Why rent a Chevrolet Corsa utility bakkie – The Chevrolet Corsa utility bakkie is one of the most popular half ton bakkies in South Africa, Corsa Bakkies are ideal for carrying goods, smaller construction jobs, day-to-day driving and carrying people.

Since the release of the first Opel Corsa in 1982 the Opel Corsa Utility Bakkie slowly but surely became a force to be reckoned with in the half-ton bakkie market.  The new shape Corsa bakkie was first released in South Africa in 2004 and later bought by Chevrolet to become the Chevrolet Corsa Utility Bakkie, which is still one of the top selling utility bakkies in South Africa.

The Corsa bakkie is relatively light on fuel with an average fuel consumption rate of about 13km per litre, handles like a dream and has a payload of 650kgs and towing capacity of 670kgs, making the corsa bakkie ideal for a wide range of applications.

Corsa bakkies come standard with power steering for added driving comfort and manoeuvring capability, adjustable driver seat and an immobiliser. With a top speed of 160km/h you have more than enough speed and power to overtake slower vehicles on the longer road.

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