Cash Car Rental for the Blacklisted


Cash car rental for the blacklisted – being blacklisted is something that can happen to anyone.  As cash car rental agents in Johannesburg, we understand that being blacklisted does not necessarily have to mean the end of the journey for you.

With the constant pressure of inflation on our monthly budgets and our incomes not necessarily increasing at the same rates, it is no wonder that more and more people are finding themselves in trouble with their creditors and later blacklisted as a result.

It is with this growing need in the market in mind that we decided to bring you an affordable cash car hire service that does not discriminate against people who are blacklisted in terms of exorbitant fees and surcharges.

We went the extra mile to ensure that our cash car rental process for the blacklisted is quick, easy and affordable, all that is needed from your side is proof of ID as well as the Car Rental amount plus the refundable deposit.

Cash Car Rental for the Blacklisted Options

Johannesburg was designed for people traveling with independent transport, thus our public transport system is very poorly developed and highly unreliable as a result, this leaves you with little choice but to have your own form of reliable transport to get around in the city of Gold!

Do not be left stranded in Johannesburg with no reliable form of transport, or worse left to the mercy of an ailing public transport system.  Give us a call on 011 262 5500 and request an application form, fill it in and send it back to us with a copy of your ID and drivers licence and before you know it you could be on your merry way with a value for money cash car rental in Johannesburg.