Different Types of Panel Vans

Types of Panel Vans

Different Types of Panel Vans – Choosing the ideal panel van for your business requirements can become a daunting task, therefore it is important that you have a clear understanding of your intended application, loading requirements, available budget and other factors.  With the advancements in modern technology, modern panel vans offer all the bells and whistles that were previously limited to luxury cars like aircon, electric windows, power steering and high quality audio.

Knowing what your requirements and intended applications of the panel van is of critical importance in order to ensure that you end up with the ideal panel van for your business needs.

Then there is also the question of whether it is better to buy the panel van or rent it, there is pro’s and con’s to each side of that equation and your business situation and needs will determine the best option for you.

Different types of panel vans

Small Panel Vans – Smaller panel vans are ideal for most requirements of small and medium sized business that is looking for a safe and affordable means of transporting goods.  Small panel vans like the Hyundai or Volkswagen Caddie is highly popular amongst small business owners.

Larger Panel Vans – Larger Panel vans like the Toyota Quantum is ideal for carrying goods or other applications like the film industry.  An average sized man can stand upright inside a Toyota quantum, making it ideal for a mobile work unit.  Other innovations like rack space etc. also adds to the total loading capacity of these affordable, easy to drive panel vans.

How important is a reliable panel van to the success of your business?  Please share your thoughts and comments below.

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