Car Rentals without Credit Card


Car Rentals without Credit Card – Is it always necessary to have a credit card run when renting a car?  Most car rental companies require a credit card due to to security concerns, the credit card means you have been properly FICA”ed” and that makes it easy to control.  With small companies the owners are more hands on, so they allow you to use debit cards for car rental or even pay with cash for your car rental.  As cash car rental specialists in Johannesburg we share some more information on renting a car without a credit card.

In todays world, many people choose to not have credit cards, as a lifestyle choice, but that life style choice cramps your style when it comes to rental cars.  Certain rental agencies will however allow debit cards and eft car rental, in general you may even get a better price from these rental agencies, so it actually serves you to find these rental brands, lie Pace Car Rental.

A majority of car rental companies require that you must at least be over the age of 23 years old and have a valid credit card in order to rent a car from them. People that meet these requirements usually have very little to no problems when trying to rent a car.  The car rental company might insist on conducting a credit check if you do not have a credit card in order to make sure of the level of credit risk you pose.

With the growing popularity of debit cards, more car rental agencies in Johannesburg will use them the same as a credit card, the only issue here is the refund process which gets a little tricky as you have to have the pin code to refund to a debit card.  A word to the wise, be sure to find out what their policy on debit cards are before you arrive to pick up your car in order to prevent being stranded without a way to secure transport. If you are worried about the car rental company doing a credit check, be sure to ask them if one is required when you rent a car with a debit card.

If you plan on paying for your next car rental in Johannesburg with Debit Card, EFT or Cash, be sure to have enough funds available in order to prevent any problems during the process of renting a car.

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