Interested in Long Term Car Rental but do not have a perfect Credit Record?

Today renting a car is not just for the odd occasion. You can find plenty of Car rental companies that let you rent a car for a long period of time. Before you rent, lease, hire or buy a second hand or new car you should know your credit score. If you have been refused finance before due to arrears. Even those who have a bad credit record perhaps due to being self-employed they always face a very high interest rate compared to those whose credit ratings are favourable. This is why doing research beforehand on the best method of accessing car finance and the best loan, lease, hire, rental options there are available in case of bad credit and the best way of improving your credit Record.

Your credit is very important when choosing the car you want. Bad credits limits the available options. A poor credit record directly controls interest levels to be paid and the credit that will be available to you. This is why Long term car rental companies might need to take a bigger deposit while a financial company might need higher rates of interest in case of an adverse credit history. So before you apply for bad credit finance make sure you have considered Long Term Car Rental.

Being Self-employed or someone who still lives at home with their parents, the choices made on a car rental must be done carefully. This is because you lack a credit rating, something financial companies take very seriously before considering giving you any finance. A huge amount of people that are self-employed and young adults are affected by this issue and the Car rental company should be able to understand your circumstances.

However with a long term car rental company they should be able to provide you with a fleet of rental cars that they have available, and Give you the exact pricing. if you are Interested in Long Term Car Rental but do not have a perfect Credit Record? Call us on 011 262 5500 to speak to one of our Long term car rental specialists.