Top Places to visit in South Africa

South Africa is the most famous country in Africa. Economically. This country is by far much better compared to many other African countries. Mining of Gold has played a major role in the economy of the country as well as its booming tourism industry. With a long history of apartheid, Nelson Mandela was the first black president but only rules for one term due to his old age. Jacob Zuma is the current president. The infrastructure in this country is great, allowing for favourable costs while hiring vehicles in this country. You get to enjoy smooth, comfortable and fast rides in your own time.

South Africa is full of natural beauty, it is known for its wilderness, beautiful cities and rich cultures. Cape Town is one of the top holiday destinations that you must include in your trip to South Africa. Cape Town is situated along the ocean and has very beautiful beaches and very popular places to go to like table mountain right in the heart of the city. Table Mountain is a very popular tourist attraction where you get an amazing view of the city and the ocean. This Mountain has more plant species that the Great Britain. Apart from all the beauty, the restaurants are world class standards and offer very nice wines. Cape Town is also known as the favourite picnic place for the local people where they get to show off their cultures to the tourists.

Another well-known place you should visit while in South Africa is the apartheid museum in Johannesburg, this is the most popular museum in South Africa where history dating back to the 17 century is on display. It is a museum that offers you very emotional and disturbing experiences to both the old and the young generation. Soweto is another great tourist destination in South Africa, being the largest township in the country it is a home to about 3.5 million people. Soweto is the place where much of the struggle against apartheid took place. The first home for Nelson Mandela is also located in Soweto.

Not to forget the popular robin island that you should not miss out on when in South Africa.  Robben Island is where Nelson Mandela and other political prisoners were held. Today the island is a sit symbolizing the free South Africa. The garden route which is about 350 km long has various attractions for visitors which include beaches, beautiful mountains, desserts, forests. Other very popular places in South Africa you must visit are the Cape Winelands, The Kruger National Park, and Sun City Report and there are plenty more beautiful places for you to visit in South Africa.