Travelling to Africa – Some Important Travel Tips

Africa is more than just an exotic travel destination. It’s a world apart and one of the most unique and special travel experiences you will ever have. The Country has so much to offer with its rich and diverse natural beauty you are bound to end up in some rural parts that is not always as safe as what you may be used to in a first world country. There are a few things you need to always keep in mind when travelling to Africa and although there is no need to be paranoid, just being cautious is very important to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip for yourself.

Firstly medical precaution, before you just travel to any part of Africa you need to check which medication you need to drink before you leave. Malaria is a big danger and if you are travelling to certain parts of Africa you need to finish certain courses of prescription medication awhile in advance of your travel. This is important to keep you safe from diseases that can be life threatening.

Security, in Africa the local police and security is not what it is elsewhere in the world. There is petty crime in Africa like theft, in most cities you will be fine, but when you go off the beaten track into more rural areas you need to keep in mind to not walk alone, especially in deserted areas.

Insurance, it’s really important that you have adequate insurance especially for stuff like cameras, laptops, tablets, phones and all other valuables you might have. It’s also a good idea to keep your travel documents on you at all times and try carry as little cash on you as possible.

These are a few important factors to keep in mind when travelling to Africa, if keeping these few factors in mind, travelling to Africa will be an experience of a life time that you will never forget.