Need to rent a car? Why not go for a SUV Hire with much more space and Comfort while travelling

An SUV is much larger than a standard size vehicle and they have much more space inside. They are also allot more luxurious and have allot more of all the latest features, but also cost more than a standard size vehicle. However, renting a SUV can be helpful for a number of different occasions. There are some situations where one big vehicle simply makes more sense than using multiple small cars all at once.

As Car Rental Specialists we decided to share some Great Reasons to choose a SUV Rental

  1. Going on holiday away with family of friends and need the extra space
  2. Sporting Events – an SUV has more than enough space for all sporting equipment that needs to be taken along
  3. Work functions where groups of people can travel together
  4. Greater entertainment
  5. Very Spacious inside

If you are going on a holiday with family or friends. An SUV will be a great choice of vehicle. SUV’s have more luggage space for you to take with you on a holiday away. An SUV provides you with a much more comfortable ride with a lot more space than any standard size vehicle. The Vehicle can withstand rough roads that you are likely to encounter during camping, hunting etc. trips away. If you are on a sports or an adventures holiday away, the SUV will be able to transport all your goods and equipment.

Because a SUV has more space, there is allot more room for entertainment. These include features like surround sound speakers, medium sized televisions and Holders for plates and drinks.

An SUV Rental makes it a great travel experience with children or friends who are travelling along. An SUV’s size and sturdiness makes them suitable for a great number of choices. You do not have to buy a SUV, you can just rent one today from Pace car rental.

Are you looking for an SUV Rental for whatever the case might be? Look no further! Pace Car Rental has a wide range of vehicles available on their fleet for you to choose from. Call us on 011 262 5500 to speak to one of our SUV Rental Specialists who will gladly be able to assist you.