Things to Consider When Renting a Bakkie

Renting a bakkie can provide you freedom and flexibility, but can also be a very big hassle if not done properly. This article focuses on practical ways to make the experience as stress free as possible for you.

Things to consider

Choosing your Bakkie

In today’s modern market place there are several large car rental companies who offer a variety of bakkies at different affordable rates, it is essential to have an idea of the desired bakkie you will need capable of fulfilling your requirements.

If travelling with an excessive amount of luggage or several children then an SUV rental or Mini Van rental may be a better option for you.

If concerned about petrol prices then consider renting a bakkie with the smallest engine size. Most good rental companies offer a comprehensive range of bakkie rentals for you to choose from.

Decide on Automatic or manual? In the majority of countries manual transmission is the standard so it is wise to specify if an automatic vehicle is required and needed.

Booking your Bakkie

Shop and look around. When booking a bakkie rental, research and looking around is very important, so it is wise to check out comparison websites in order to see which company can offer you the best prices around at that specific time that you will need the rental.

When the desired company with the lowest rates and nicest bakkie has been identified, check out their website. Many rental companies offers monthly rental specials so be sure to keep an eye out on these.

Understanding the rental agreements

It is important to ask questions and to read the fine print in your rental agrrements.

If booking online, read the terms and conditions thoroughly, by doing this, one is informed and knows exactly what to expect.

If booking via phone then ask plenty of questions, ask about:

  • Additional drivers (Is the additional driver old enough? Are there extra charges?)
  • Grace periods (in terms of picking up the vehicle early or late)
  • Gas requirements (full on pick up, full on drop off?)
  • Drop off conditions (If travelling especially far away)

Hidden costs

When researching, the big, bold price that one sees may not cover the whole rental. Often there are extra charges.

In some cases these unexpected fees can double the price of the rental. Be sure to factor these things in before booking as they may result in an unfortunate surprise.

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