Hire a Car and see South Africa

South Africa is a beautiful country to see, from the offerings of Cape Town and Johannesburg to the wilderness of the Kruger National Park to the Atlantic and Indian Ocean coastlines, South Africa has plenty to offer you.  South Africa is vast, and traversing the distances between the major attractions is most easily accomplished by taking advantage of the internal flights available, but perhaps the more rewarding experience can be derived by hiring a car as it helps to convey a deeper understanding of what the country has to offer. Car rental companies have a presence in most of the major cities and car hire in South Africa is relatively cheap.

Cape Town and Johannesburg is the first port of call for many flights to South Africa and the cities greets you. Cape Town is known for the beautiful Table Mountain and the city retains a bustling café culture and very impressive seafood at the harbours. Moving out of Cape Town and along the Garden Route, Route 66 is a series of beautiful coastal towns of South Africa’s Indian Ocean coastline.

Durban is great for surfers and offers a laid-back alternative to the bustle of Cape Town and Johannesburg. For the more adventurous, Durban can be used as a base for exploring South Africa’s most fearsome ocean predators, the Great White Shark. For land based predators, there can be only one place to visit that will be the Kruger National Park. South Africa’s top attraction offers the unique opportunity to view outstanding wildlife on safari and the chance to spot the big five in their natural habitat for a unique and rewarding experience.

Travelling by road through the Transvaal provides a rewarding experience allowing visitors to see more of the real South Africa by car, taking in Johannesburg and Pretoria in route. These cities offer a greater glimpse into South African life and can act as a good base for booking and exploring a Kruger safari.

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