Johannesburg – The Crown of South African Tourism

If you are flying to South Africa, chances are that you will touch the ground of Johannesburg first, Johannesburg is the most visited city in the country. It is the biggest transportation hub not only in South Africa, but in neighbouring countries as too. As a result, you are likely to spend a day or two in Johannesburg, which can be enough to brush through most major attractions of the city. Being the most important city in the country, Johannesburg can rightly be proclaimed as the crown of South Africa tourism.

Johannesburg is a great t city and has begun to emerge as a tourist-friendly destination. Luxurious hotels, trendy restaurants, casinos, shopping malls, Zoos and botanical gardens are like nowhere in the country. Travellers to Johannesburg on holidays can seek a perfect blend of sun, sports and safari. Shopping, dining and nightlife are also among the best in the country.

Here are some of the things that make Johannesburg the crown of South Africa tourism:
  • The Johannesburg Zoo

With more than two thousand wildlife attractions, the zoo offers you an opportunity to learn about the flora and fauna of South Africa. It is a family-friendly destination, showcasing many interesting animals and allowing visitors to tour and learn more about their habits and habitats.

  • Apartheid Museum

You must check out Apartheid Museum, which presents a series of exhibits depicting the hardest time of South African history. It is almost guaranteed that you come out of the museum a changed person. It is not exaggeration to state that some even book flights to Johannesburg from London just for the sake of Apartheid Museum and similar other institutions like this one they are extremely interesting to go visit.

  • Gold Reef City

Enjoy various fun rides, families can go shopping or eat food at one of the many restaurants there. Enjoy a very fun memorable day out with your family and friends.

  • Constitution Hill: It is an important landmark that continues to serve as a relic of the countries turbulent past. Travelers taking flights to Johannesburg can find a magnificent Old Fort Prison Complex at Constitution Hill, which was used to captivate political leaders like Nelson Mandela and Mahatma Gandhi.

What great memorable Tourists attractions have you been to in Johannesburg before?