Safety Tips for Girls Travelling Alone

Choose your accommodation wisely

Check all the hotel options, location, services they provide and type of rooms. Try to avoid hostels.

Protect your money and documents at all times

As your packing and luggage, you need to travel light and avoid carrying many handbags and stuff with you. A good tip is to get a money belt, you can find it easily, it is cheap and you can use it under your clothes.

Visit public and safe places

Avoid walking alone especially at night and in dark places. Try to visit popular places and if you need something or get some information avoid asking a stranger, you better go to a coffee shop, restaurant or store and ask an employee to guide you.


Avoid Taxi Cabs

Taxis are not always the best option, you don’t know if they’re completely safe or which route they can take. You don’t need to be looking for a taxi standing alone at street, there are some private transportation agencies like Uber that are very safe and affordable.

Bring some medication or your personal “first aid kit”

You know your body and which medications you need at specific situations. Consider that it might be difficult to find some medications in other countries, cities or places so, you better bring them with you (medications for headache, stomach-ache, pain, antibacterial gel, etc.).


Be careful of what you eat and drink

Don’t eat or drink too much, know your limits. You can use websites like trip advisor and search for the most recommended places. Try to avoid eating at street and if you want to have fun and take a couple drinks do it with moderation. If you meet people at restaurants and bars don’t let them know you’re traveling alone and don’t give them specific information about yourself. You never know what people’s intentions might be and who you are talking to.

Learn the basics of the local language

If you are traveling to another country with another language you should learn all the words and meanings you could need (like bathrooms, banks, hotel, restaurants, food, hospitals, transportation services, etc.) or you can also bring a dictionary with you. This way people will understand you much more easily.

Trust and listen to your instinct

Take care of yourself and have a great travel.

Do you have any safety tips for girls that are travelling alone?