What You Need To Look For Before Leaving With your Rental Car

Before you leave with your car rental, the agent from the car rental company will do a walk-around with you and take note of any existing damage to the vehicle.  Be sure to focus during this inspection in order to ensure that you do not sign-off on a “car in perfect condition” if there are any faults on the car as you will be held responsible for any unrecorded damages to the car on return on your car rental.

Check the following with a car rental in order to reduce your risk:

Check the internal upholstery for any tears, cracks, burns or any other form of damage.

Check the tires and ensure that they are inflated and up to a legal standard and not damaged in any way.

Check the paint job of the vehicle and take note of any dents, scrapes and cracks.

Check the bumpers for any bumps and scrapes.

Check that the mirrors are in place and are all in working order.

Doing the above checks can save you from paying for damage others have caused to the rental car.  It is also a good idea to take photos of the rental car with your phone or camera as soon as you take possession of it.

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