Tips on getting a good deal on your next car rental

Whether you are looking to rent a car for business or just simply for pleasure, getting a good deal on your next car rental will leave you with some extra cash to spend on your travelling trip away.  As cash car rental specialists in Johannesburg, we share some tips for getting a good deal on your next car rental.

Book Car Rentals in Advance. Resist going to the first best car rental company as soon as you get off the plane because they are usually more expensive based on their location and convenience.  Pace Car Rental offers a shuttle service from the Marlboro Gautrain station, meaning that you can take the Gautrain from the airport to the Marlboro station, get picked up by one of our drivers from the station and then rent a much more affordable car.

Go for a car rental during off-peak months, during peak months the demand for car rentals are much higher, meaning that the costs of car rentals increases significantly.

Compare the costs of the different car rental companies, with the power of the internet, we can compare the prices and different offerings of the different car rental companies in order to find the car rental option that will be most suited for you.

Are you looking for a car rental? Look no further!  See our car rentals or call us on 011 262 5500 to speak to one of our car rental specialists who will gladly be able to assist you.