How Much Should a 45000km Service for a VW Polo Vivo Cost

Do you want to know how much a 45000km service on a VW Polo Vivo would cost? Well as a South African car hire company that specialise in long term car hire, we have a lot of Polo Vivo’s on our fleet and thought we will share some tips and tricks in order to help you save money on your Polo Vivo’s 45000km service.

As on 15 August 2016, the quote should look as follows:

30 min labour @ R700 per hour R350
1 x Screw R21
1 x Oil Filter R138
3.7 Litres of Engine Oil @R138/Litre R396.90
Total Excl. VAT R905.90
VAT R126.83
Total Incl. VAT R1032.73

As mentioned in our previous Polo Vivo service posts, be sure to check that they only charged you for 3.7litres of engine oil and 30 minutes of labour.

You might also be asked to change the brake pads during this service, you might even already feel a shudder on the steering wheel. VW will suggest that you change the brake pads as well as the brake discs, be sure to remember not to do this at the dealership, rather take the car to the nearest Speedy and get the brakes changed there, ask them to skim the discs rather than buying new ones (just remember that you can only safely skim the brake discs once).

Depending on the age of you Vivo, you might also need to replace the wiper blades at this service, again the Polo Vivo uses very generic wiper blades, so if you are handy, it will save you money on the labour to just install new wiper blades yourself.