30 000KM Chev UTE Service Cost

Are you trying to find out how much a 30 000km service on a Chev UTE bakkie should cost? Then you have come to the right place, as bakkie rental specialists in South Africa (Johannesburg, Cape Town & Port Elizabeth), we share insights into how much the 30 000Km service on the Chevrolet Utiity Bakkie should cost.

As at 12 September 2016, the 30000 KM Service on your Chev UTE Bakkie should cost:

Labour 1, 6 hours @R702 per hour R 1 123.20
Oil filter R 75.38
Air Filter R169.84
Fuel Filter R 178.00
ASM Filter R141.01
4x Spark Plugs @ R47.79 R 191.16
Gasket Drain R 12.53
Brake Fluid R 85.34
Consumables R 80.00
Oil 3, 5 litres only @ R90 R 315.00
Total Ex. VAT R 2 371.46
VAT R 332.00
Total R2, 703.46

It is important to check that they charged you the correct amount for the oil, they get their oil in large 220litre drums with automatic dispensers, so they can’t say that they had to use a 5litre bottle or something like that, and overfilling your cars engine with oil can have adverse effects on the engine.

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