Top 3 Tips for Getting the Best Long Term Car Rental Deal

There are many reasons why you might need a long term car rental deal, for example, you are blacklisted and need a car to get to work or you might just be in-between cars.  As long term car rental specialists in South Africa with branches in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Port Elizabeth, we share some tips to help you save money on your next long term car rental deal.

Top 3 Tips for Getting the Best Deal on your next Long Term Car Rental

  1. Be sure of what type of car you need – Car rental companies often have a wide range of long term car rental options available, it is a good idea to spend a couple of minutes on thinking what type of car you will need in terms of how many people will need to travel with? How much luggage will you need to transport with? Will a smaller budget beater be sufficient or do you need a luxury car or minibus? The answers to these questions will help guide you towards choosing the car that best suits your needs.
  2. Do your homework – Do a Google Search for long term car rental and ask a few companies on the first page for quotes in order for you to compare prices.  It is important to take note of extra charges like extra kilometres – some car hire companies charge a low daily rate, but it does not include free mileage, so you end up paying a much higher price at the end of the day with all your extra kilometres.  So be sure of the hidden charges when comparing quotes from the different car rental companies.
  3. Book your long term car hire in advance – Some car hire  companies gives you great deals for booking the car for longer than a month and also for making bookings well in advance.

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