What exactly do you need to rent a car long-term

More and more people and businesses these days go for long term car rentals as a viable transport option, mainly for the following reasons:

  • It offers you a monthly fixed cost.
  • All Services and maintenance is included in your monthly fee with the car rental company.
  • 24/7 roadside assistance for if any reason something goes wrong.
  • Depreciation of the car is not your concern.
  • You do not need the same capital outlay as you would when buying a new car.
  • Do not need to rely on public transport.
  • Travel in your own time.

With long term car rentals being so popular nowadays we often get asked what exactly do you need for a long-term car rental.

Here is a list of things you will need when applying for a long-term car rental:

  • Valid driver’s license.
  • Copy of your ID.
  • Proof of Address.
  • Proof of Employment (pay slip).
  • Latest Bank Statement.

Our long-term car rental process is quick, easy and simple, you can book and get your long-term car rental in no time.

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