Hyundai i20 Review

The five-door option is a much more popular choice as it offers you a roomier interior than anything else will offer you for the price of a Hyundai i20, plus it comes with a 5-year warranty included.

The petrol consumption is very low on this vehicle and it is not expensive to get serviced either.

The i20 copes very well with speed bumps and long undulations, there is only one suspension set up so be sure to have a comfortable ride.

The Hyundai’s steering is generally stable through faster bends, the overall of the Hyundai feels easy to drive, so if you are looking for something that is a comfortable drive and manoeuvrable around town this type of vehicle will not be disappointing.

Finding the perfect driving position is not hard. The steering wheel height adjusts for height and reach and a few tweaks from the lever next to the seat you will be sitting in a comfortable position in no time.

The dashboard of the i20 is very easy and simple to reach and use.

There is an air con for those hot summer days.

The i20 is one of the best cars in class for visibility.

This type of car feels solidly put together and plush inside, with soft touches a beautiful dashboard and a good variety of colours and textures keep it from feeling overly bland.

The Hyundai i20 has one of the roomiest cabins in the class, with enough leg and head room to accommodate tall drivers with ease.

The i20’s boot is one of the biggest in this type of class, whether you are going for the three or five doors. It is nice and broad and deep, well-shaped, and has a wide opening.

You cannot go wrong with a Hyundai i20. See our car rentals available here.