Travel safely to Zimbabwe with a Car rental

Pace Car Rental is one of the only rental companies in Johannesburg that allows their vehicles to cross into Zimbabwe, these cross-border rentals into Zimbabwe have given us experience in what is required and tips to cross the border.

When crossing the border into Zimbabwe you will need the following documents for your vehicle to apply for a temporary import permit.

  • Colour Copy of the Reg Document preferably certified
  • If the registration documents are not certified, then you will need the original license disc paper
  • Letter from Titleholder and owner permitting user to cross border into Zimbabwe
  • Insurance letter to cross into Zimbabwe, confirming third party insurance

Be careful to ask only for the temporary import permit as for certain vehicles with fare paying passengers there are additional permits.  If you are a family or group in a minibus, you do not need a transport license as you are not fare paying passengers.  Often there is confusion around this when you are driving an 8 or 10 seater vehicle, so be sure that you know what you are doing.

Most people travel through Botswana and then into Zimbabwe.  Pace Car Rental charge only 1 cross border fee for both countries and supply the documents required for both countries.  An important note when using the less well travelled borders is to check the times that you will be travelling.  Not all borders are open 24 hours a day like Beitbridge and Komatipoort, so make sure that you do not get stuck taking a detour via a quiet border post.

Zimbabwe has safety rules that needs to be present on all vehicles when travelling in the country:

  • White reflectors on front bumper
  • White reflector on rear bumpers
  • Two warning triangles
  • Reflective vest
  • Fire extinguisher
  • ZA Sticker

Pace Car Rental will supply the kit for a nominal fee, if you are driving one of our rental cars.

These are not always asked for at the border, however once inside Zimbabwe you will probably be stopped at regular road blocks where you will be asked.

Travel safely to Zimbabwe with a car rental from Pace Car Rental today!