Petrol Bakkies vs. Diesel Bakkies

Bakkies are a very popular form of transport. Bakkies are used for construction work, transporting goods, moving, or for just normal every day to day driving around town.

Choosing the right bakkie for you all depends on exactly what you want to use the bakkie for.

Here are some questions to ask yourself first before choosing your bakkie:

  • What exactly is it you want to us the bakkie for?
  • How big is the loads you would like to transport?
  • What type of terrain are you going to be using the bakkie in?
  • The average weight of the load you will want to be transporting?
  • Not too sure if to go for a petrol bakkie or a Diesel bakkie?

Here are some tips:

  • Petrol bakkie provides the bakkie with enough speed and power to get you to your destination, but is not as strong as a diesel bakkie is.
  • Petrol might be a bit cheaper, but you will need to refuel up more.
  • A petrol bakkie is a very comfortable le smooth ride.
  • Diesel bakkie engines provide the engine with a lot more power than petrol, making it a better option for carrying heavier loads.
  • Diesel engines are more fuel efficient.
  • Diesel bakkies are more expensive to service and maintain.
  • Diesel engines are more durable.
  • Don’t install easily.

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