Safety Tips for the First Time Panel Van Drivers

Small to medium sized businesses require much more flexibility from their employees in the sense that employees are often required to fill more than one role.  This can lead to someone that would not usually be required to drive a panel van being required to play driver for the day.

As panel van rental specialists, we share some top tips on driving a panel van safely.

The first thing to remember is that driving a panel van is not the same as driving a car in terms of visibility as well as the size of the vehicle and comes with its own unique challenges.

Our Top Tips for Driving a Panel Van Safely

  • Listen carefully to any advice and explanations when you collect your panel van from the dealer or panel van hire company.
  • Make sure that the side and rear cargo doors are locked before each trip.
  • Make yourself comfortable with how the panel van moves in an area with little or no traffic first, before you take on the busy city streets.
  • Be aware of the size of the panel van and take it into consideration when turning corners and parking etc.
  • Be sure to keep a safe following distance to avoid bumping into the back of other cars.
  • Take tight bends slowly, because panel vans tip over easier due to their height and increased the centre of gravity.
  • Be careful when changing lanes with a special focus on motorbikes and pedestrians.
  • Understand the difference in handling between when the panel van is fully loaded and when it is empty.

This is only some tips to help ensure that you drive your panel van safely and efficiently.

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