How to Save on Petrol by Driving More Fuel Efficiently

How to save petrol by driving more fuel efficiently – With the price of everything including petrol rising constantly, we are forced to get more bang for our buck.  As cash car hire specialists in Johannesburg, we share some tips on saving petrol just by tweaking some of your driving habits.

Service your car regularly according to manufacturer’s standards

Servicing your car regularly according to manufacturer’s standards helps to counteract the effects of wear and tear on the engine.  Meaning that the car’s engine is running at its optimum levels.

Ensure that the tyre pressure is at optimum levels

Driving a car with flat tyres is both unsafe and affects petrol consumption negatively.  Driving with flat tyres increases the rolling resistance between the road and the tyre, which in turn makes the car less fuel efficient.

Avoid driving during peak hour traffic where you can

Driving during peak hour traffic, not only ensures that you avoid the frustrations of being stuck in traffic for hours, but also reduces the amount of petrol you sit and idle out in the traffic.  Finding a gym close to work, or going to work before traffic starts will not only reduce the amount of stress you experience but will also have a positive impact on petrol consumption.

Avoid accelerating and braking with a heavy foot

Accelerating your car causes its engine to work harder and each time you break this energy is lost in the form of heat.  You can significantly improve the fuel efficiency of your car just by accelerating and breaking with a lighter foot.

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