Top Tips for Saving Money on a Monthly Car Hire

It is January again and we are all looking for ways to save money in order to get through. As long term car rental specialists in South Africa with branches in Johannesburg, Port Elizabeth and Cape Town, we share top tips in order to help you save on your next monthly car hire.

Tips for saving money on your next long term car rental

  • Compare long term car rental quotes – Search Google for long term car rental companies and request quotes from at least 3 different monthly car hire companies. Be sure to look at the fine print in terms of the amount of mileage that is included as part of the contracts, some car rental companies quote low monthly rates, but they do not allow much free mileage, then they end up charging you heavily for extra mileage travelled.
  • Check if your current insurance policy will cover a long term car rental – if your current insurance provider covers you for car rental, then there is no need to take insurance from the car rental company, just be sure to check this, because if your insurance does not cover you for long term car rental, then you might end up being liable for the full value of the vehicle.
  • Think carefully about the type of car you will need – Will you need a luxury car, SUV or will a budget beater do the trick? Think about a number of people, luggage etc. that will need to travel with you.  If a budget beater with good fuel efficiency will do the trick for getting you around, then you should seriously consider it.

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