How to Save Money on Your Next Long Term Car Rental

As we move deeper into the new economy, we are all forced to get more bang for our buck and save money in whichever way we can in order to get by.  As long term car rental specialists in Johannesburg, we share some tips of the trade in order to help you save money on your next long term car rental.

Be sure of what type of car you would need – there is usually a wide range of different cars available on long term car hire contracts with different prices.  Do you really need a luxury car, or will a budget car with only the bare essentials do the trick.

Calculate your daily driving requirements carefully – There are different mileage options at different prices, over traveling on your daily mileage allowance can be charged at quite a hefty rate.

Does your current insurance cover long term car rentals – Contact your current insurance provider and find out if they will comprehensively cover you for long term car rentals.  If this is the case, then there is no need to pay for insurance twice on the long term car hire deal.

Be sure to take the car on a monthly car rental deal instead of daily rentals – The cost per day is much lower for long term car rental deals than they are for short term daily car hire.

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