Top Tips for Saving Money on Your Next South African Car Rental

Saving money by getting the best possible deal on your next South African car hire can go a long way towards you having extra money available to enjoy the different tourist activity that our beautiful country has to offer.  As a car rentals company in South Africa that is sticking to our reputation as price invaders in the South African car hire industry, we share top tips to help you save money the next time you rent a car in South Africa.

Our tips for getting the cheapest South African car rental deals

  1. Go online and Google car rental South Africa and get quotes from as many different car hire companies as possible, be sure to take things like free daily mileage, hidden charges like airport surcharges and tourist levies etc. into consideration when you make a decision on the best value for money offering from a reputable South African car rental organisation.
  2. Be wary of hidden charges – certain South African car rental agencies advertise very daily low car hire rates, but when you read the terms and conditions, there might be applicable tourism levies, airport surcharges, extra mileage charges, and other hidden rental charges. that do not form part of the car rental rate quoted, meaning that if you add in all these additional charges, their cheap car rental deal ends up costing considerably more.
  3. Avoid on-airport car hire companies, rather choose a reputable off-airport car rental company in Johannesburg, Cape Town or Port Elizabeth – Car rental companies that have branches at South African airports, will always charge you tourism levies and airport surcharges, choosing a reputable South African car rental company like Pace car rental would mean that you do not have to pay tourism levies and airport surcharges, while our friendly drivers meet and greet you at the airport upon arrival, meaning that you get all the VIP airport service without having to pay for the hidden charges usually associated with on-airport car hire companies. At Pace Car Rental we also offer a free shuttle service to and from the Marlboro Station, giving you quick access to our vehicles if you choose to take the Gautrain from OR Thambo International Airport to Marlboro Station.
  4. Return the vehicle with a full tank of petrol/ diesel – Most South African car rental companies will give you the car with a full tank of petrol and then refill the car upon return, they charge you a fuel levy for refilling the car, save this additional cost by filling the car until it is completely full before you return your rental car.
  5. Find out if your credit card or insurance will cover you when you rent a car – South African car rental companies often charge quite high rates for insurance, if you have a credit card or insurance policy that will cover car hire cars, there is no need to pay for insurance twice, we would, however, recommend that you contact your credit card provider or insurance company and confirm that they will, in fact, cover you, otherwise you might be left in a position where you are not covered and then end up being liable for the full value of the car if something goes wrong.
  6. Be sure of the type of rental car you will need – Think in terms of the amount of people that will need to travel with you as well as the amount of luggage that will be needed.  If it is just you needing to get from your Hotel to Meetings and back, a smaller, more avoidable vehicle might be ideal for you…

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