Checklist for your next car rental

Renting a vehicle at home or abroad can surely be a lifesaver adding convenience and savings.

Below is a checklist you must consider when going for car rental.

Driving License:

Your Driving license will be requested at every car rental. You must ensure that your driver’s license is issued by your country of residence and held for a minimum period according to local legislation or conditions.

Credit Card:

It is mandatory for all travellers to provide their credit card for authorization purpose. The rental company generally holds an amount which is estimated based on length of the rental, Applicable rate including tax, any additional charges such as petrol, etc. This amount is not debited but just blocked and is generally released few days after the rental and all charges have been paid for.

Identification document:

A valid passport or your national identity card must be carried for all rentals abroad.

While the above-mentioned items are mandatory for a car rental company. Below are few tips that must be considered by you before driving your car rental.


It is always recommended to include insurances to avoid any unforeseen expenses. Car rental companies generally include insurance. But double check if your current insurance will cover your car rental.

Check the vehicle thoroughly:

Before you drive away with your car rental make sure to check all external & internal damages if any is on the paperwork the company has given you to sign. As a precaution take your own digital photos of the car.

Extras / Equipment’s:

It is always recommended to have a GPS or Navigation system to avoid losing your way and wasting time. Owning a GPS would definitely be a cheaper option but if not ask your car rental company if they can provide this along with your rental vehicle at an additional cost. Don’t forget to request in advance for a baby/child safety seat if you have a baby travelling with you.

Fuel Tank:

It’s always better to choose a fueling plan that allows you to return the vehicle with the same amount of fuel it had when you picked it up.

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