Diesel Versus Petrol Bakkies: which one to go for?

There is a wide range of bakkies available on the market that was made for a wide range of different reasons for use.  This sparked a debate on whether petrol or diesel bakkies are better, it will all depend on what you intend on using the bakkie for.

Below we have a quick comparison in order to help with your decision on whether a petrol or diesel bakkie would be more suited to your specific needs.

Diesel Petrol                 
Diesel provides the bakkie with that extra boost needed to transport a heavy load such as machinery and equipment. It’s this boost that allows travelling on off-site routes possible. A petrol fuelled car provides the bakkie with the necessary speed to get from A to B.
Filling your bakkie with diesel is initially more expensive than petrol, however, one tank of diesel gets you further than one tank of petrol. Petrol is cheaper at the pump however you’ll need to refuel more often.
Servicing a diesel bakkie is more expensive than one that runs on petrol. Petrol is fuel efficient when travelling shorter distances.
Engines are more durable. Comfortable and smooth ride.
Less likely to stall.
Shudders when idling.

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