Places to see in Africa

The best time to travel to Africa depends on your interests and what you would like to do in Africa. With its rich natural resources, you have a choice which interests you would like to pursue. Whether it is viewing Africa’s diverse wildlife, being treated to the spectacular sight of its feathered creatures or witnessing natural phenomena such as the great migration of wildebeest. The sardine run right down the coast of South Africa and the beautiful floral display along the west coast are equally astounding if you schedule your trip around the time these spectacles are on display in Africa.

The best time to go on Safari is during the African winter and the well-known Kruger Nation Park in South Africa may be the crown jewel for this.  Animals are constantly on the move to find water to drink and food to eat. Also, the grass is dry and there is sparse vegetation, making game viewing so much easier and nicer for you. An African winter is mild but nights are considerably cold. Travelling to Africa during this time would be more comfortable if you come prepared for it. Pack a sweater for those chilly nights and make sure that you have comfortable walking shoes to wear. Sunscreen with high sun protection factors is a must as the days in Africa can get very hot. Lip balm and mosquito repellents will come in handy too when visiting Africa.

South Africa is best during the month of May and September which are winter months. The northern part of South Africa which includes the Kruger national park is best during these winter months due to a lower mosquito number. Temperatures are mild with very little rainfall. Game viewing is at its best during these times. The Southern part of South Africa which includes Cape Town, Garden route and Eastern Cape are best during the summer months which are from October to March. Namaqualand has an amazing floral display that transforms into a carpet of flowers from around this time.

September to November is spring in East Africa. It is a popular time for travel because it is summer in other parts of the world. Booking last minute flights to Africa will not be the best option, you have to do it well in advance. If you are planning on climbing Kilimanjaro, the best time for it would be around September. Diving in Zanzibar or viewing the wildlife in the Serengeti is best from December to March. Africans summers are relatively cool at an average of 28 degrees Celsius but can dip to 15 degrees. Rains are uncommon but if they do occur, they do not last long. January to the middle of March are also good months for conquering the great Kilimanjaro. July to August is when game viewing is at its best.  A Kilimanjaro climb is also good during this season. But it is also the busiest time of the year around this time as there are many tourists during this season time.

It is always best to know when and where to go in Africa. So planning in advance is always a good idea.

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