Why Renting a Bakkie can benefit you

There are many reasons why one can rent a bakkie. You could be relocating towns, need to transport a big group of people hassle free. What size bakkie you rent will depend on the purpose for hiring the bakkie. Renting a bakkie is as easy as renting a normal size car. Most car rental companies have a number of different makes and models to choose from.

Why rent a Bakkie?

There are many advantages to renting a bakkie instead of a truck or SUV. A Bakkie is smaller and it is easier to drive and manoeuvre in urban areas. They do not need a special license to drive making them accessible for hire to all. Bakkies are perfect for transporting furniture to storage, moving your goods to your new house, transporting goods to an exhibition, or even transporting products around for work.

Having a vehicle that can transport 12 – 15 people allows you to be able to take large groups anywhere and use less fuel. Bakkies are great for large families or when a number of families are travelling together. They are also useful for work, school and camp related activities as they can accommodate much more passengers than your standard car or SUV.

Whether you are renting a bakkie for a holiday getaway, to replace a work car for a short time or to move your goods around your best option is to explore the best prices and deals available. To make sure that you are able to have a bakkie available on the days that you have requested you need to book it in advance. You will need to specify a pick – up and drop – off location as well as the dates of your rental period.

When hiring a bakkie make sure that you considered what it will be used for and how long you will need it for. Always do research to find the best possible prices and deals as this will ensure that your rental experience is a great one. See our rental bakkies and call us on 011 262 5500 to speak to one of our bakkie rental specialists.