Half ton versus 1 Ton Bakkies

The bakkie market in South Africa is huge, with their strength, durability and versatility, it is no wonder that South Africans from all walks of life rely on their bakkies to get them through daily life.  Whether it is to go on safaris, get the job done in construction or driving the kids around; you can trust a bakkie to get the job done.

In South Africa, there are 2 types of bakkies that are extremely popular, half ton bakkies and 1-ton bakkies.  Half ton bakkies are ideal for everyday city driving because they are relatively light on fuel and ideal for carrying people or smaller loads.  1 Ton bakkies are bigger and stronger and most often used for heavy work with highly respected endurance.

Half ton bakkies

Half ton bakkies are smaller and usually have 1.4 litre or 1.6-litre engines that quite fuel efficient as long as they are driven properly and serviced regularly.  Half ton bakkies are extremely popular amongst small artisan businesses like plumbers and electricians.  Half ton bakkies are ideal for carrying workers and smaller tools to different sites.  This is part of why they are so popular amongst a wide range of young professionals.

1 Ton Bakkies

These bakkies were built to carry loads and are widely in use commercially. These are bigger bakkies with engine sizes ranging from 2 litres up to 5-litre engines in both petrol and diesel varieties.  If you are looking for a workhorse that won’t let you down, then a 1-ton bakkie with a tow bar will get you through anything from day to day construction work, nature safaris to moving house.  If you need a stronger bakkie with a bigger loading capacity, then a 1-ton bakkie might just be the ideal option for you.

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