You should not Text and Drive

There is much public awareness concerning the danger of cell phone use and texting while driving. Yet many drivers continue to use the phone or text while driving. What will it take to get the public to understand the danger of distracted driving? Texting and driving can be seriously dangerous.

Every time a driver gets behind a wheel he has a 50 50 chance of having an accident. Whether or not an accident occurs depends on the type of drivers on the road, elements of nature, and the quality of the car’s make and model. The motorist cannot control the elements of nature or how well a car function, however, he can control what he does behind the wheel.

When on the road the motorist, in order to drive safely, his full attention must be on the road and other motorists. He must be prepared to stop, swerve, slow down, speed up or switch lane. In order to be successful at these manoeuvres, the motorist has to actively engage his attention as he drives to his destination at all times.

Many motorists because of their extensive driving experience brush off the importance of remaining focus on the road. They are so comfortable behind the wheel that they project a certain level of arrogance when they take to the streets. Their arrogance allows them for texting while driving, they feel confident that they can talk on their cell phones. They put on make-up. They eat.

For many motorists, attempting to do other things while driving sounds ludicrous. They understand that since a vehicle can transform into a deadly weapon, it is imperative for them to drive safely and defensively. These drivers understand that not everyone consciously thinks about other motorist and their safety. Hence, when they drive it is with the knowledge that they should drive with the safety of others as their number one priority.

Experts say that high traffic fatalities prevail among teenagers. This age group is more likely to text and drive, drive when intoxicated and engage in dangerous driving activities. With the many public awareness events and media attention, teenage drivers appear unwilling to stop participating in distracted driving.

From all age groups, there are alarming amounts of injuries and fatalities resulting from distracted driving, as a result many states choose to ban texting and cell phone use when driving. These laws are aggressively enforced. Don’t Text and Drive to avoid any accidents from happening.

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