How Telematics Can Save Money and Lives

One of the youngest car rental companies in South Africa seems to be making waves in South Africa by being one of the first car rental companies in South Africa to reward good driving.

Pace Car Rental, the specialists in long–term car rental, have taken car rental to new heights by combining honest, easy, affordable car rental with the best cutting-edge technology.

Pace Car Rental cares about its clientele and thus has rolled out an operational initiative to install state-of-the-art car-tracking devices to all their vehicles – estimated at more than 1000 vehicles.

This software allows the car rental to keep track of customers driving habits and any reckless driving, as well as customers who drive safely.  A special tracking team at Pace’ Head Office in Sandton, Johannesburg is dedicated to the task of monitoring the data and giving feedback to customers who seem to not be sticking to the rules of the road as they have been advised by the Pace Team.

This kind of monitoring and reporting benefits all parties involved as the car rental wants to keep their cars safe, their customers coming back for more and most importantly making our roads a safer place for all South African citizens.

Amazingly having better tracking devices in vehicles can save you money in more areas than what you imagine.  The additional savings that have been unlocked relate to use vehicles without permission, accidents and overtime claims.  The accident cost saving has been one of the major areas of saving.

With Pace operating a large-scale Uber fleet we found that the number of accidents with passengers was times less than the number of accidents without customers.  Our data showed us that the average uber driver has customers for about half of his journeys so the accidents should be similar.  The passenger in the vehicle obviously impacted behaviour.  We were convinced that there were savings to be had if we could use a telematics device to impact the driver’s behaviour when not driving with passengers.  The change in behaviour was almost immediate, and huge savings were unlocked in savings on accidents.

A new addition to the team, Peter Jacobs has nurtured the new Uber division of Pace to the remarkable success it is. With the help of the Pace Tracking Team – Peter is also able to reward his best drivers on a weekly basis according to their ability to make informed and wise decisions behind the wheel such as timeous braking, following appropriate speed limits, and taking the relevant precautions for accelerating and making careful corners.  The introduction of incentives for good driving has made even the “already safe” drivers less likely have an accident.

If you have a fleet, a good telematics strategy is essential.  Apart from the normal insurance, maintenance and time keeping benefits, you will find other aspects that have a positive impact on your work and your customer service.  As mentioned previously the ability to check a vehicles movements has significantly cut down on our overtime bill.  We have also seen a reduction in personal travel, which previously could not be calculated and we have also been able to accurately determine unbilled rentals, which have increased.

The rapidly growing Pace Car Rental can somewhat be mistaken for an underdog, but in the last 10 or so years they have literally created their own lane, ran their own race at their own ‘pace’. This can be seen by the more than 75 jobs now created in 4 cities – Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban, Port Elizabeth and the subsequent sister companies created, namely SA Motor Lease and SAGLO/Pace Fleet Services.

As such, Pace Car Rental is committed to the Arrive Alive decade of action for 2011 – 2020 to increase road safety awareness and to enforce better driving and road safety in South Africa. The Pace Car Rental team will continue to bring the best quality cars, friendly service, incredible prices and incredible market innovation to its awesome customers and this strategy is only the beginning.

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