Caring for your car’s tyres

We often check our vehicles’ tyres before taking a long road trip, but how many of us think to check them during our day-to-day driving? Tyres are one of the most fundamental safety features on a car but are both a massive expense and a safety concern if not cared for properly. In fact, it is estimated that in South Africa there are a staggering 200 car crashes each day because of worn tyres.

To ensure that you are not part of those statistics, here are a few of the things you can do to keep your tyres in good condition.

Check the air pressure

Before setting off, it is important to check the pressure of your tyres – including the spare. The best time to check your air pressure is when the tyres are cool. So, either at least 2 hours after the vehicle has stopped or, depending on weather conditions, before the vehicle has been driven for 1 km.

Check the wheel alignment

Is your car pulling to the left or the right? Are the tyres worn only on one edge? If this is the case, you really should consider having your car’s wheel alignment checked. Poor wheel alignment is a serious safety concern that requires urgent attention. The other benefits of proper wheel alignment include less tyre wear, improved fuel consumption, and better vehicle handling.

Tyre balancing

For cars that are shaking, tyre balancing might be the required solution. Continued driving with an unbalanced wheel is not only quite an irritation but can also lead to mechanical damage to your vehicle. New should always be balanced after being fitted. Following that, depending on the driving conditions, they should again be balanced every 12 thousand to 15 thousand km.

Care for spares

There are a few different kinds of spare tyre. The two most common are a spare wheel and a space-saver (also referred to as “Marie Biscuit wheels). Even if you are not driving with the spare, it is vital to ensure that it is still in good condition for when it is needed. As with your other tyres, it is important to make sure that your spares are inflated to the correct pressure as stipulated by your manufacturer.

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