A Guide to Choosing the Perfect Bakkie in South Africa

South Africa’s diverse landscape is a sight to behold and explore. From the bustling streets of Johannesburg to the picturesque coastal areas of Cape Town, every corner of the nation has its own charm. For those who wish to travel at their own pace, conquer tough terrains, or have hefty loads to transport, bakkies are the vehicle of choice for many South Africans.

Pace Car Rental, with branches spanning across major cities like Johannesburg, Kempton Park, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Gqeberha, is your trusted partner on your journey.

Why Choose a Bakkie and When?

At Pace Car Rental, our fleet is as diverse as the country itself. When it comes to bakkie rental, nobody has the diverse range of vehicles that we do. Below are the various types of bakkie that we have on our rental fleet.

Half-Ton Petrol and Diesel Bakkies

Ideal for city drives and light transport. Moving homes within the city or a day out shopping for heavy antiques? This is your go-to choice.

For those seeking a reliable vehicle in this category, we offer the Nissan NP200 petrol bakkie (or similar) that are both efficient and designed for urban utility.

In our diesel range for the half-ton segment, customers can opt for vehicles like the Nissan NP200 diesel bakkie (or similar), ensuring fuel-efficient performance in city environments.

One-Ton Petrol and Diesel Bakkies

For those heavier loads or longer distances, these bakkies give you the mileage and robustness you need.

Our fleet features models like the GWM Steed 5 petrol bakkie or similar, specifically designed for endurance and heavier loads.

In the diesel category for one-ton bakkie rentals, vehicles such as the GWM Steed 5 diesel bakkie (or similar) ensure optimal performance and longevity, ideal for longer routes and substantial cargo.

4×2 Double Cab Bakkies

Think of a family trip or a group outing where you need ample seating space without compromising on the cargo. Perfect for road trips where comfort meets capacity.

Perfect for combining cargo space with passenger comfort, our range features the versatile Ford Ranger 4×2 double cab (or similar) that caters to both functionality and comfort.

4×4 Single Cab and Double Cab Bakkies

Here’s where the adventure kicks in! Whether you’re headed to a mine, a construction site, or traversing challenging terrains, this bakkie is built for the rough and tough.

Designed to tackle challenging terrains, our fleet boasts rugged models like the Ford Ranger 4×2 single cab (or similar), ensuring reliability and robustness in demanding environments.

Merging ruggedness with additional seating, our options like the Ford Ranger 4×4 double cab (or similar) caters to groups that require both strength and seating capacity for their adventures.

Choose Pace Car Rental

Choosing the right vehicle is just the beginning. With Pace Car Rental, you’re not just renting a bakkie, you’re partnering with a trusted brand known for excellence and affordability. Our rates? Let us just say that they will put a smile on your face, comfortably beating the competition.

Every. Single. Time.

Visit our branches, check out our diverse fleet, and embark on your South African journey with Pace Car Rental. Because with us, every journey becomes a story worth telling.