Why Long Term Car Rental is the Ultimate Mzansi Travel Hack!

Hey there, South African traveller! Ever thought about setting out on a road trip, but that clunky old car of yours has you second-guessing? Or maybe you’re in the city for work and the thought of using public transport daily just doesn’t gel with you? Well, have you ever considered long term car rental?

If you haven’t, here’s why you absolutely should:

No Maintenance Stress

When you opt for long term car rental, the headaches of regular maintenance, service costs, and those unexpected repair bills? They vanish faster than boerewors at a braai!

Flexibility on Wheels

Fancy a sleek sedan for those business meetings in Jozi or maybe a rugged 4×4 for that Kruger Park safari? Long term car rental gives you the freedom to choose the right car for the occasion. Plus, if your needs change, you can always swap it out. Flexibility at its best!


Think about it. Owning a car is great, but with insurance, maintenance, and monthly instalments, it can take a toll on your wallet. With long term car rental, you often get better rates, and there’s no need to worry about those pesky hidden costs.

Always Stay Modern

If you’re someone who loves driving the latest models, long term car rental is your ticket to staying current. Out with the old, in with the new, as often as you please!

Perfect for Temporary Relocations

Maybe you’re here on a work assignment or just testing out a new city for a few months. Why buy or ship a car when you can enjoy the benefits of long term car rental?

So next time you’re wondering how to get around our beautiful Rainbow Nation, remember that long term car rental might just be the smartest choice you make. Safe travels and see you on the road! For the best deals on car rental in South Africa, be sure to check out Pace Car Rental.